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Occupational Therapy in Burbank, California

How Seniors Can Protect Their Eyesight

There is no doubt that aging can bring changes that affect one’s eyesight. Some changes may be more serious than others, but for many problems, there are things you can do to protect your vision. The primary key is to … Continue reading

Senior Hip Fracture Risks and How to Avoid Them

A broken hip is one of the most serious fall injuries anyone — young and old — can get. It’s difficult to recover from it and, most of the time, patients aren’t able to live on their own afterward. According … Continue reading

Caution: Seniors Should Avoid These Medications

As we get older, our chances of experiencing unwanted drug side-effects increase along with our required medications. So, to help our clients make better-informed decisions regarding their medications – and lowering their risks of overmedication – Bonum Home Health Services … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Means Healthy Thinking

The power of the mind is just as powerful as the power of the body. Your senior loved one needs to eat healthily to attain a healthy body and mind. Eating healthily will help them in contracting various diseases by … Continue reading

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