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Occupational Therapy in Burbank, California

Milk and Its Benefits to the Elderly

Many seniors develop health conditions related to the lack of essential nutrients. Milk is a good source of calcium and protein for seniors. And the elderly need it to maintain strength and mobility and prevent some illnesses as they continuously … Continue reading

The Benefits of Skilled Nursing Services

Are your loved ones recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury? Skilled nursing in CA can help! How? Learn more about its benefits below. It reduces the risk of rehospitalization. The risk of rehospitalization for seniors who have been hospitalized is high. … Continue reading

Helpful Tips to Be a Physically Active Senior

Being physically active is one of the core foundations of healthy aging. It improves strength and balance which significantly helps in preventing falls. It also contributes to having a healthy weight which lowers the risk of various health complications. For … Continue reading

Medical Interventions Available for Diabetes

Effective management of diabetes may require several medical interventions, depending on the severity of the condition, the type of diabetes, and individual health factors. Only a healthcare professional can determine the treatment plan. A doctor’s consultation is recommended once the symptoms … Continue reading