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Occupational Therapy in Burbank, California

Medical Interventions Available for Diabetes

Effective management of diabetes may require several medical interventions, depending on the severity of the condition, the type of diabetes, and individual health factors. Only a healthcare professional can determine the treatment plan. A doctor’s consultation is recommended once the symptoms … Continue reading

Key to Wellness: Nutrition and Meal Planning

Fostering a meal planning habit may sound like a time-consuming activity, but it can actually save on food, time, and money. Integrate it with your nutritional requirements, and you will have the key to wellness. In this blog, we’ll explore … Continue reading

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How to Administer Injectable Medications in Seniors? 

Medications help seniors manage diabetes or recover from other chronic health conditions. Some may be administered through injections. Injectable medications are medicines given through a needle into a muscle, under the skin, or into a vein. These may be prescribed for … Continue reading

Healthy Nutrition Tips for Diabetic Seniors

Supporting a loved one who has a condition like diabetes can be a challenging task. There are several approaches to support them, but first, you must look after their nutrition. By paying attention to what they eat, you can help … Continue reading