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Occupational Therapy in Burbank, California

Discover the Benefits of IV Therapy for Seniors

Infusion therapy is a method of administering prescribed medication, nutrients, and other fluids directly into the bloodstream. Also called IV therapy, it offers numerous health benefits. Hence, many home health providers offering skilled nursing in CA offer infusion therapy to … Continue reading

Is Your Loved One Receiving Proper Nutrition?

Seniors reach a point where they can no longer care for themselves. It might result in poor nutrition, limited mobility, deteriorating health, and depression. If you have an aging family member living alone, check for these signs to see if … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Skilled Care for Seniors at Home 

It might be difficult to assist your loved one in recovering from a hospital stay caused by sickness, a fall, or injury. It takes time, dedication, attention, and, most importantly, patience. Skilled nursing care is an excellent option for seniors … Continue reading

The Benefits of Aquatic Exercises for Chronic Pain

Did you know that aerobic exercise is beneficial to your health? Aerobic exercise is essential for staying healthy and active at any age. As we get older, everyone needs access to skilled nursing in CA. Maintaining a regular workout schedule is, … Continue reading